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  • Private Investigator Services

    There are never any extra charges for surveillance on Holidays or on a rush basis. We also do not charge for report writing, copies of video or any other excess fees.


    We go throughout the entire state of Florida and are now proud to announce we cover Georgia. Please note that most companies charge total travel and mileage from door to door, we do not.

    Feature 2 title


    We will search for anyone in the entire United States of America.

    Feature 3 title

    Process Serving

    We can find within any amount of time you need and we do not charge for mileage.

    Feature 4 title

    Background Checks

    We will find a persons or companies fixed assets, address history, known associates, relatives, convictions. UCC filings, liens, bankruptcy and much more.

    Feature 5 title


    Thanks to my years of experience and ongoing training, I am confident that I will uncover the state of affairs on whatever it is you want to be known.

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